Meet Our Team

TJ Techstravaganza Team for 2023

Tanvi Bhave


Tanvi is a senior and has been coming to TWIST for the past three years. This is her second year as an officer of the club. In her free time she loves listening to music, running, and playing basketball.

Favorite artist: Billie Eilish
Favorite ice cream: Coconut
Favorite food: Hashbrowns
Favorite youtuber: Emma Chamberlain

Sophia Li


Sophia is a senior who joined TWIST three years ago and is excited to be plan Techstrav! She loves music, volleyball, f1, and reading.

Favorite season: Fall
Favorite artist: BTS
Favorite color: Green
Favorite book: Six of Crows

Valentina Hong


Valentina is a senior and is excited to plan Techstrav this year! In her free time, she loves listening to music, bullet journaling, and hanging out with friends.

Favorite Candy: KitKats
Favorite Color: Sage Green
Favorite Drink: Taro Bubble Tea
Favorite Season: Fall

Rebecca Hsieh


Rebecca is a senior who has been a part of the Techstrav team for 3 years. She loves to fence, watch football, and read.

Favorite football team: New England Patriots
Favorite song: Red Lights by Stray Kids
Favorite novel: Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint
Favorite food: Taiwanese popcorn chicken

Serenna Semonsen


Serenna is a junior and is delighted to start her second year on the Techstrav team. In her free time, she likes playing the violin and discovering new music. Serenna has been a part of the track and field team since freshman year. She also loves traveling around the world and trying out new activities.

Favorite Subject: Chemistry
Favorite Book: All The Light We Cannot See
Favorite Animal: Ferret
Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Catherine Jeon

Activities Coordinator

Catherine is a junior interested in STEM and excited for Techstrav! She likes to read, debate, and listen to music.

Favorite author: Marie Lu
Favorite sport: Taekwondo
Favorite music: Nostalgic 2010s pop
Favorite candy: Sour worms

Karli Torres Hinojosa


Karli is a junior who joined TWIST two years ago and is excited to be an officer! She loves baking, collecting stuffed animals, and hanging out with friends.

Favorite movie: Inception
Favorite drink: Boba tea
Favorite animal: Hedgehog
Favorite color: Cornflower blue

Mahika Banerjee

Techstravaganza Supervisor

Mahika is a sophomore and has been a part of TWIST since their freshman year! In their free time, they enjoy going on walks with their dog, spending time with their friends, journaling, and listening to music!

Favorite sport: Volleyball
Favorite season: Summer
Favorite candy: Trolli gummy worms
Favorite show: Arrested Development

Sanchali Banerjee

Techstravaganza Supervisor

Sanchali is a sophomore who is excited for her second year on the Techstrav team! She likes to read, play the piano, and doodle.

Favorite color: Purple
Favorite animal: Panda
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite book: The Mysterious Benedict Society

Sabrina Hsieh

Techstravaganza Supervisor

Sabrina is a junior and is excited to be part of Techstrav this year. She likes to fence, watch sports, and try new foods.

Favorite color: Purple
Favorite vacation spot: Taiwan
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite season: Fall

Lindsay Hwang

Techstravaganza Supervisor

Lindsay is a junior and this is her second year on the Techstrav team! She loves listening to music, playing lacrosse, and running.

Favorite artist: Taylor Swift
Favorite Starbucks drink: Peppermint mocha
Favorite sport: Lacrosse

Esha Jain

Techstravaganza Supervisor

Esha is a junior and this is her first year on the Techstrav team! She loves to read, play lacrosse, and listen to music.

Favorite color: Lavender
Favorite season: Spring
Favorite dessert: Brownies

Jasmine Ma

Techstravaganza Supervisor

Favorite song genre: Classical jazz
Favorite city: Kailua
Favorite season: Summer
Favorite activity: Dance!

Poorna Prakash

Techstravaganza Supervisor

Poorna is a sophomore and has been a member of TWIST since her freshmen year! She is extremely excited to spread her love of STEM with others and work to create an amazing experience at Techstrav this year. In her free time, you can find her listening to music, spending time with friends, or volunteering!

Favorite band: One Direction
Favorite ice cream: Cotton candy
Favorite sport: Basketball
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Jay Rajukar

Techstravaganza Supervisor

I'm a senior who is excited to help out Techstrav this year. I like to play basketball, videogames, and chess in my free time.

Favorite basketball team: Boston Celtics
Favorite book: Phantom tollbooth
Favorite artist: Drake

Sidd Rangavajjula

Techstravaganza Supervisor

Favorite artists: Sleepy Hallow, Travis Scott, & Lil Tjay
Favorite color: YInMn blue
Favorite manhwa: Tower of God
Favorite animal: Baboon

Megan Sawant

Techstravaganza Supervisor

Megan is a sophomore interested in STEM outreach and this is her first year on the Techstrav team! She loves chemistry, writing, listening to music, and spending time with her friends.

Favorite show: Manifest
Favorite color: Lavender periwinkle
Favorite candy: Gummy bears
Favorite season: Summer

Anukrit Sharma

Techstravaganza Supervisor

Anukrit is a junior, and this will be his first year on the Techstrav team! In his free time, he enjoys playing videogames, soccer, working on cars, and spending time with his friends.

Favorite soccer team: Arsenal (Premier League)
Favorite food: French fries
Favorite artist: Coldplay
Favorite car: Nissan 350z

Shahzad Sohail

Techstravaganza Supervisor

Shahzad is a senior and has been on the Techstrav team for the past two years. In his free time, he likes to play sports with friends or play with his cat, George.

Favorite sport Football
Favorite season: Spring
Favorite drink: Arnold Palmer

Suraj Vaddi

Techstravaganza Supervisor

Suraj is a senior and is super excited to work on the Techstrav team this year. He is passionate about expanding science education and working with younger students.

Favorite candy KitKats
Favorite place: The beach
Favorite football team: The Eagles
Favorite color: Color