Meet Our Team

TJ Techstravaganza Team for 2022

Sheryn Livingstone


Sheryn is a senior and is looking forward to her third year as a TWIST officer and fourth year on Techstrav team! In her free time you can find her playing tennis, listening to music, and binging reality TV.

Favorite color: Purple
Favorite movie: Now you see me
Favorite show: 90 day fiance
Favorite food: bagel

Abena K-t

Vice President

Abena is a senior and joined TWIST three years ago. This is her second year as an officer. She loves to listen to music, bake, and watch shows on Netflix

Favorite activity: Ballet
Favorite show: Merlin
Favorite season: Spring
Favorite drink: Sprite

Juliette Kim


Juliette is a senior who is excited to be an officer for her fourth year of TWIST! She is in the school's marching band and drumline and loves designing and building, shopping, and listening to Joji songs on repeat.

Favorite song: Afterthought by Joji
Favorite game: NERTS
Favorite cookie: Gingerbread
Favorite color: Pink

Tanvi Bhave


Tanvi is a junior and has been coming to TWIST for the past two years. This is her first year as an officer of the club. In her free time she loves listening to music, running, and playing basketball.

Favorite artist: Billie Eilish
Favorite ice cream: Coconut
Favorite food: Hashbrowns
Favorite youtuber: Emma Chamberlain

Sophia Li

Activities Coordinator

Sophia is a junior who joined TWIST two years ago and is excited to be an officer this year! She loves music, volleyball, f1, and reading.

Favorite season: Fall
Favorite artist: BTS
Favorite color: Green
Favorite book: Six of Crows

Tanisha Pagadala


Tanisha is a senior and is excited to start her fourth year of TWIST as an officer! She loves card games, watching Disney movies, and playing tennis.

Favorite snack: Goldfish
Favorite artist: Alec Benjamin
Favorite podcast: Dear Hank and John
Favorite movie: Tangled