Michelle Song
President & Techstrav Supervisor | Senior
Michelle is a senior and this is her third year as a TWIST officer and Techstravaganza coordinator. She enjoys playing flute and being a part of the TJ Band program. She also loves to travel and try new foods.

Favorite Artist: NCT
Favorite Food: Korean Style Short Ribs
Favorite Song: Love Scenario by IKON
Favorite Color: Purple
Rose Du
Vice President | Junior
Rose is a junior and this is her third year in TWIST. This is her second year as an officer, specifically vice president. She is on the TJ dance team as well as a studio dancer at Axis Dance outside of school. She loves adventure but also loves to stay inside and bullet journal.

Favorite Subject: Biology
Favorite Sport: Dance
Favorite Fast Food: In n Out
Favorite Color: Sea Green
Meghna Sharma
Secretary | Junior
Meghna is a junior at TJ who is happy to be your secretary of TWIST this year! She enjoys swimming, running, baking, photography, travel, and music!

Favorite Sport: Swim
Favorite Destination: France
Favorite TV Show: Friends
Favorite Color: Aquamarine
Jialin Tso
Treasurer | Senior
Jialin is a senior and this is her 4th year in TWIST and 3rd year as an officer. She joined TWIST because she wants to inspire children by introducing them to the wonders of STEM. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano, art, coding, and volunteering.

Favorite Subjects: Computer Science and Math
Favorite Science Fiction Movie: Ready Player One
Senior Research Lab: Computer Systems
Favorite TWIST Experiment: Lava Lamps
Sarah Wang
Treasurer | Junior
Sarah is a junior who joined TWIST two years ago and is an officer this year. She loves watching Netflix, swimming, and traveling.

Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Artist: Surfaces
Favorite TV Show: Stranger Things
Favorite Color: Light Blue
Brianna Ta
Publicist | Junior
Brianna is a junior who joined TWIST last year and is an officer this year. She loves Netflix, wrestling, and listening to music!

Favorite Subject: Computer Science
Favorite TV Show: Grey's Anatomy
Favorite Sport: Wrestling
Favorite Food: Pho
Sheryn Livingstone
Activities Coordinator | Sophomore
Sheryn is a sophomore and is looking forward to her first year as a TWIST officer! She's currently a part of Relay for Life and MUN. She loves playing piano and tennis in her free time.

Favorite Superhero: Dr. Strange
Favorite Artist: iKON
Favorite Animal: Wallaby
Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory